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Eighteen: Natan Dvir

On view November 2009–Januray 2010

In conjunction with the JCC's Other Israel Festival, Israeli photographer Natan Dvir has created a photo exhibition, Eighteen, a series of portraits featuring Israeli Arabs at the age of eighteen. Eighteen is a critical age in Israel because it signifies the time when all Israeli Jewish citizens are required to report to the army to begin their service. This exhibition will offer insight into the experience of Arab teens in Israel who are entering adulthood and confronting their own unique sets of challenges living in the Jewish state. Dvir is the recipient of Les Recontres d'Arles 2007 Prix de l'Edition, Best Documentary Project by Photo District News in 2006, and the Santa Fe Image Award, Honorable Mention, in 2008. More information can be found on the artist’s website at

Eliyahu's Gleanings: Selected Works of Eliyahu Sidi

On view September–November 2009

Bernard Eliyahu Sidi, a French-born Israeli artist, works in the tradition of the pre-Bezalel painters in Jerusalem, creating narrative paintings and interpretive illustrations of Jewish texts. This exhibition presents Mr. Sidi's fresh colorful images—flat, primitive, linear, and full of humor. He was awarded the prestigious Jesselson Prize by the Israel Museum in 1996.

Particular Voices: Portraits of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Writers by Robert Giard

On view June–August 2009

This exhibition shows selected portraits from Giard's two-decade long projects of photographing over 600 gay and lesbian writers. Including images of Allen Ginsberg, Tony Kushner, Adrienne Rich and many others, Giard set about documenting a wide survey of significant literary figures as well as brash new writers on the scene in straightforward, unadorned, yet sometimes witty portraits. Some of the writers pictured in the show regard their Jewish identity as central to their lives; for others it is wholly incidental. In all these stunning portraits, the images often tell more than the sitter intended. Co-sponsored with the Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, with the cooperation of the Robert Giard Foundation.

Seven Generations: Photos and Video by Avishai Mekonen

On view February–April 2009

These stunning works explore the past and future of Ethiopians in Israel. The exhibition juxtaposes what is being lost with the passing of older generations, and what new twists the younger generations are bringing to Ethiopian Jews from an artist within the community who is engaged in the struggle of a new identity.

Signs of our Past

On view November 2008–January 2009

An evocative and historical exhibition of synagogue and Jewish shop signs from New England and the Lower East Side. From explaining rules of the synagogue to newcomers, to signs from Jewish shops such as wine stores and bakeries, the exhibition brings to life a part of the American Jewish experience. The mixture of Yiddish, English, and even "Yinglish," together with the signs' simple charm, evoke a period of American Jewish history. The exhibition demonstrates how the forces of assimilation and acculturation have been a permanent part of the Jewish experience in America, thereby reflecting the ongoing challenges and opportunities in America.

Creating Justice: Sculpture by Linda Gissen

On view September–November 2008

Linda Gissen has created large mixed media sculptures about choices—political, social, economic, legal, religious and physical. Creating Justice encourages the viewer to become involved in helping to solve the overwhelming problems of our world. With the use of familiar objects such as children's toys and easily accessible printed matter taken from newspapers, magazines, and the internet, Gissen draws us into a visual discussion of the huge social problems through humor, irreverence, parody, and sly surprises. The viewer is thus amused, shocked, confronted and informed through materials that suddenly acquire layers of meaning which have previously gone unnoticed. For further information about the artist, visit her website at

Leisure time in Israel: Orit Siman-Tov

On View June–September 2008

Israeli-born photographer Orit Siman-Tov's latest series, Leisure Time in Israel, takes a look at contemporary Israelis and the leisure activities they enjoy. This series goes beyond the images we have become accustomed to in the evening news and presents a diverse community participating in familiar activities such as sunbathing and skiing. These relaxing images create an introverted tension, in so far as they are in direct contrast to the more common images of armed conflict and political strife that the region is known for. Siman-Tov's work has been exhibited all over Israel, Germany, and the United States.

Vintage Israeli Posters: In Honor of Israel's 60th Anniversary

On view April–June 2008

Gain unique insight into the history of Israel through the colorful historic posters of early Zionist events, Israeli milestones, cultural events, consumer products and more. In the fall of 2005, the JCC presented one of our most successful exhibitions, Made in Israel—An Exhibition of Rare and Historical Posters. In honor of Israel's 60th Anniversary, the JCC and the Farkash Gallery have put together a new show of these great historical features.

The Artistic Spectrum: Artwork by Students on the Spectrum

On view March–April 2008

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in every 151 children will receive a diagnosis of autism this year. With April being National Autism Awareness Month, we plan to celebrate the children's often unrecognized creative talents with a presentation of artwork by New York City students, ages 10–21. You will have a chance not only to see the exhibition, but also to take part in week-long activities, including film, poetry, comedy and music—all performed by young people on the autistic spectrum.

Pure Faith: Harel Stanton Photography

On view January–March 2008

This stunning collection of images by Israeli photographer Harel Stanton explores the sacred sites and rituals of faith from around the world. His photographs feature ethnicities and religions including Orthodox Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Harel Stanton labels himself an 'ethnographical' photographer and his work focuses on rituals, ceremonies, traditions and other ethnic customs that distinguish the dozens of countries he has photographed. His photographs are published on a regular basis in Israel's leading geographical magazines, Masa Acher and Masa Olami.

JCC Art Studios Student Show


The creative and diverse community of students from the JCC Art Studios will present their artwork created in the studios. A juried selection of paintings, drawings, photographs, ceramic sculptures, vessels, shoes, jewelry and more are shown.

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